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Bradley, Ben and Stu are back for round 2! It seems enough of you listen to the first episode it was worth doing another! This week we talk about the voices in our heads.

To start though the podcast is sans Ben, due to some technical issues. So Brad and Stu discuss Shinobi and Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge. Yep, it is called that and it is worth checking out.

Next up discussion moves to the decisions we make and how it effects each of us. How the voices in our head can be deafening and dominating. Even when it comes to the smallest of things. Ben fixes his issues to jump in here.

This is the tweet Brad mentions from @jotracini

We finish off with Ben telling us more about what he had been up to as a love in happens for the excellent Don’t Die Mr Robot!

Listen below!

Time Stamps:

  • What have we been playing – 01:09
  • Voices – 12:40
  • What have we been playing revisited – 45:37

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