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Death or Treat

I do love me some nice 2D animation in action hack ‘n’ slash games. Dead [Read More]

South of the Circle

When is a game not a game, is a game, but not a game? Who [Read More]


There aren’t many developers who can wring the kind of performance that Nintendo seem to [Read More]

Wholesome Games Direct 2022

The 3rd Wholesome Direct has come and gone, and it was by far the biggest [Read More]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

As I’ve got older, I’ve found I’ve got less interested in playing gritty, realistic games [Read More]

Martha Is Dead

This is another hard one to write about. It’s hard to write about some of [Read More]

What Lies in the Multiverse

I originally read this as ‘metaverse’ and thought it was going to be some kind [Read More]

Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes

Urgh, that title. Usually add a ‘z’ at the end of a word that can [Read More]

The Longest Road on Earth

I always talk about how much I love emotional narrative games, especially when paired with [Read More]

Olli Olli World

Olli Olli World takes the templates set by its predecessors and Spinal Taps them to [Read More]