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Resident Evil Village

[Warning: review contains spoilers for the opening hours of the game.] – There’s a bit [Read More]

Rain On Your Parade

Rain on your Parade is a fun game about being a cloud, ruining everyone’s day, [Read More]

Darq: Complete Edition

Darq looks at first glance like a surreal, creepy horror game in the same vein [Read More]

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is going to be hard to talk about, for several reasons. It’s a [Read More]

Space Otter Charlie

I was right. If you read My Thoughts on Xbox last summer, you would know [Read More]


With apologies for the lateness of this review; a series of mental health issues and [Read More]

In Rays Of The Light

Although In Rays of the Light is a remake of a 2012 game, I am [Read More]

Samurai Shodown [2019]

About 17-18 years ago I owned a Neo Geo AES and, fortunately, managed to get [Read More]

Moving Out

Moving Out is a chaotic physics based game where you play as a mover. You [Read More]

Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines took me by surprise. I don’t know if it was their marketing [Read More]