This week: Dad jokes, anti-Monarchy sentiment, baked goods weirdness & tons of interesting games like KAKU: Ancient Seal, Mr. Sun’s Hat Box & the beautifully named Definitely Not Fried Chicken.

00:00:10 – Intro
00:01:11 – MHG Chat: the Coronation of King Charles III (spoiler: we’re not thrilled)
00:08:32 – KAKU: Ancient Seal 
00:18:30 – Vader Immortal Episode II
00:23:18 – Mr. Sun’s Hat Box 
00:26:47 – Jedi Outcast VR
00:34:54 – Definitely Not Fried Chicken @DopeGamesLtd
00:39:23 – MHG Chat: voting rights + East Midlands Trains’ PR debacle
00:46:22 – MHG Chat: @Faxdocc’s Rusted Moss is great
00:47:06 – Outro

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