So 2023 is determined to keep raising the bar. More Planet of Lana chat, Unreality Zone’s fantastic Vernal Edge, plus the intriguing Humanity jostle for space with the other key indies of the week.

Then the point of the episode title with Liberté. Some Cook Serve Forever previews and the importance of a good Ui in Railway Empire 2

May’s busy, guys!

00:00:10 – Intro
00:00:42 – MHG Chat: Sky Fairies & Must Haves
00:06:30 – Liberté @LiberteGame
00:16:48 – MHG Chat: Awkward ‘Allo ‘Allo section
00:18:41 – Vernal Edge @UnrealityZone
00:26:52 – Cook Serve Forever @vgincgames
00:33:54 – Humanity @HumanityGame
00:43:35 – Railway Empire 2 #gamingmindsstudios
00:54:32 – Outro

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