Bradstreet’s back…alright! Yet another golden week, with the likes of Backpack Hero, End of Knights, the long titled Toaplan Arcade Shoot’Em Up Collection Vol. 2, The lonely Fort Solis & More gore than it should have to be like the film… The Texas Chain Saw Massacre consuming all our time.

All that and Brad like noodles, especially from Steve’s in Aigburth.

00:00:10 – Intro
00:03:02 – Tour de France 2023
00:09:14 – Backpack Hero
00:14:17 – Toaplan Arcade Shoot’Em Up Collection Vol. 2
00:23:25 – Fort Solis @FallenLeafSA
00:31:08 – End of Knights 
00:35:38 – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 
00:44:30 – MHG Chat: Brad & Stu Q+A part 4
00:48:44 – Outro

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