The Unity engine debacle looms like a dark cloud over MHG Towers as we talk about the potentially impacted: Nour: Play With Your Food (@jellyoccult) & AK-xolotl @(2AwesomeStudio). Also BIT.TRIP RERUNNER (@gamecraftstd) & @StarfieldGame chat. 

00:00:10 – Intro
00:00:45 – MHG Chat: Unity engine charges
00:03:20 – Ak-Xolotl @2AwesomeStudio
00:08:05 – BIT.TRIP RERUNNER @gamecraftstd
00:12:38 – Starfield
00:22:57 – Nour: Play with your Food @jellyoccult
00:28:02 – Outro

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