This week we are Heading Out (@SeriousSimGames) to Crow Country (@SFBDim) and etc. etc. insert puns for C-Smash VRS (@Csmashvrs) & Undead Inc. (@RightsizedDoru) here. Wit!

00:00:10 – Intro
00:01:28 – MHG Chat: Mary Earps
00:02:42 – MHG Chat: M$ shuttering studios
00:12:55 – Crow Country @SFBDim
00:20:31 – Heading Out @SeriousSimGames
00:27:18 – C-Smash VRS @Csmashvrs
00:33:50 – Undead Inc. @RightsizedDoru
00:44:36 – Outro

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