Challenging times, but let’s look on the bright side with shanty-slinger Seablip (@the_not_morris), emotional exploration drama @1000xResist and 2024’s 700th roguelike deckbuilder in the form of Zet Zillions (@otaimonstudios).

00:00:10 – Intro
00:02:47 – MHG Chat: War (content warning)
00:07:30 – Seablip @the_not_morris
00:12:25 – 1000xResist @1000xResist
00:14:51 – Mild spoilers for 1000xResist
00:16:00 – End of spoilers for 1000xResist
00:20:18 – Zet Zillions @otaimonstudios
00:27:43 – Outro

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