Wow, after 9 weeks I have my vision back. I’ll for sure talk about it fully, but know that for those 9 weeks, I was very limited in what I could do in life, let alone on MHG.

I did have time to think and plan what I wanted to do with the site moving forward though. Especially as over the past few months I have focussed more on the games over the mental health content and for that I am sorry. I need for myself to do a lot more on the MH side of things.

So I have decided that I will start a bit of a diary about my own mental health. Including my depression, ADHD and just general day to day stuff. It won’t be a daily post as it will become too overwhelming for me to continue posting daily. Instead I will write something daily and then post weekly.

I say write, I may do some video and/or audio as well as the writing at times. Whatever feels right at the time.

This is mainly for my own benefit, but I hope this can help someone else too. The time I had without sight has really made me take a step back from the pressures I put myself under and re-evaluate how I do things.

Anyway, thats that for now. I look forward to sharing more with you as we go forward.

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