You’re on spring break at Verona beach, you meet the person of your dreams! …and turns out they can turn into a weapon!

Created and published by Kitfox Games , Boyfriend Dungeon is a super fun dungeon crawler and dating sim combined, you meet characters with in depth stories and personalities alongside slaying monsters and gathering crafting materials in the dungeons. This game allows you to choose a playstyle that works for you, which choices of weapons, super ability moves and perks from different clothing.

Although this game may be called ‘Boyfriend Dungeon’, there is a female character and two non binary characters you can choose to romance. There’s also a cute cat you can form a great bond with and gift fish! In order to raise your love rank with characters you will have to battle with their weapon form in the dungeon and then wait for them to invite you on a date. You can unlock gifts in the dungeons to give to your date and craft gifts at your apartment at the workbench, this will help level up your love rank faster. My personal favourite datable character is Seven – a k-pop idol who can turn into a lasersaber.

You receive text messages throughout the game from your dates which can make this game pretty immersive. There are also texts you can receive from your ‘Mom’, this has the option to be turned off though, along with a content warning when starting up the game. This is because one of the main themes of the game revolves around stalking, It reads: “This game may include references to unwanted advances, stalking, and other forms of emotional manipulation. Play with care.” It’s always nice when games include these as it can help with people’s experiences and make them aware of any potential parts/themes of the game that could trigger them. The game is great fun but maybe best avoided if something like this could potentially harm you.

Boyfriend Dungeon is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

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