This will be similar to my previous articles like this, where I just give a sentence or two per game shown to pique your interest. Then it’s up to you to find out more and follow the game’s development. Some of these are updates to existing games, while others are coming soon or even next year for some. These are presented in chronological order.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a fantasy Borderlands like the assault on dragons keep dlc, though not technically a Borderlands game.

Metal Slug Tactics is a  grid based tactical game set in Metal Slug universe.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is exactly what it sounds like, and the trailer was weird…

Jeff Goldblum unveiled Jurassic World Evolution 2, the sequel nobody saw coming.

Lost Ark is an MMORPG from Amazon Games.

Call of Duty season 4 was revealed with new weapons, operators, and zombie content.

Ryan Reynolds promotes Free Guy, a video game movie about an NPC realizing what he is.

[Couldn’t find a standalone trailer, sorry – Steve]

Among Us reveals their road map including hide and seek, roles, cosmetics, and a new map.

Playstation Indies shows Chicory, a paint platformer and Salt and Sacrifice, a side scrolling RPG.

Solar Ash is also shown as an action adventure game.

Chivalry 2 celebrates it’s release of the multiplayer medieval combat game.

Valorant teases a series 3 robotic character.

[No trailer that I can find. No-one cares though, right? – Steve]

Escape from Tarkov shows of the streets in the FPS game.

Two Point Campus is announced as the next game in the Sim series, this time at a university.

Smite announces it’s Stranger Things crossover battle pass including skins for Eleven, Demogorgon, and mindflayer.

New publisher Prime Matter announces its slate of games including a new Painkiller and Payday.

Anacrusis is shown as a coop scifi FPS coming to game pass day one.

Rocket League has another Fast & Furious crossover, this time for F9.

Bloodhunt is revealed to be the title of the Vampire the Masquerade multilayer game.

Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes is shown as the next entry in the series.

Tales of Arise is revealed as the next entry in the series.

Sky Children of the Light announced a release on Switch and a new season.

Planet of Lana is revealed as a hand painted side scrolling adventure game.

Over watch 2 announced the change to 5v5.

D&d Dark Alliance shows off its coop dungeon crawler coming to game pass on day one.

Paladins teases a new season.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is shown as the new game in the series for Switch.

Endless Dungeon shows its coop top down tower defense shooter.

Fall Guys unveils a 2B costume from Nier.

Deviation Games, new developer head by ex Treyarch devs, is Playstation exclusive.

Back 4 Blood has a beta begin August 5th.

ID @ Xbox demo week starts Tuesday.

Tribes of Midgard revealed as a coop hack and slash survival game.

Bruce Campbell explains Evil Dead the Game, with its asymmetric coop.

Elden Ring,  the fantasy action adventure from George R. R. Martin releases Jan 21.

Day of the Devs

Axiom Verge 2 is shown with melee based combat and ability to complete without fighting bosses.

Toem is revealed as a black and white photography adventure.

Phantom Abyss shown as an asynchronous dungeon runner.

Garden Story shows its community Sim rpg starring Concord, the grape.

Soup pot shows its cooking game with no failure possible.

Musical Story revealed to be an RPG that swaps dialogue for rhythm action, playing music to unlock memories.

Vocabulantis is a stop motion adventure with handmade sets.

Road 96 is a procedural adventure with thousands of possible playthroughs.

Wandering Village is shown as a city building Sim on the back of a giant creature.

Unbeatable revealed as an anime rhythm adventure with simple controls.

Deaths Door shows its challenging action adventure playing as a Reaper of souls, a crow.

Behind the Frame is shown as an emotional narrative point and click adventure game.

Elect Head is a platformer played as a robot trying to turn the lights on.

Robot Demolition K.K. is a multi-player city destruction game.

Walk is a survival horror about a girl walking home from school.

Moonglow Bay shows the fishing RPG set in 80’s Canada where villagers are afraid to fish. Yes, you read that correctly.

Loot River is somehow a Rogue like dungeon crawler with Tetris mechanics, that seems to work well!

Despelote, that I probably spelled wrong, is a walking Sim revolving around Ecuador’s first time qualifying for the World Cup.

Last Stop is revealed as a supernatural narrative adventure game.

Oxenfree 2! The sequel to one of my favorite indie games! It didn’t really show anything but music, unfortunately.

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