I hope this becomes a regular feature of mine, with this being the first. Each installment will go over Game Pass games that have recently come to the service, will come to the service soon, and will leave the service soon. I will also talk a little about the games I have been playing on the service.

First up is recent releases from the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it has been the lightest period since the beginning of the service. Mid December saw the addition of Rainbow Billy, a cute 2.5D puzzle-platforming adventure with light RPG elements game where you play the titular Billy trying to return color to a gloomy gray world. Early January has brought us only one new game and a returning favorite. The new game to the service is Stranded Deep, a cooperative open world survival game set among Pacific islands. The returning favorite is Mortal Shell, a Souls like action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world.

What games can we look forward to in the next few weeks? First up is Persona 3 and 4 on January 19th, joining Persona 5 on the service. These are all critically acclaimed JRPGs with many of hours of gameplay each. Just a day later comes another critically acclaimed Japanese game, Monster Hunter Rise, a self explanatory action RPG. And on the last day of January, the service adds a day one release after a lack of those for some time, Inkulinati. This real time strategy game will launch as a Game Preview title.

What should you play before they leave on January 15th? For the first time since the beginning of the service, more games will leave the service than will be added. We lose The Anacrusis, a scifi cooperative shooter in Game Preview. Although the original Danganropa will no longer be playable on the service, it’s two sequels to the Japanese visual novel will remain playable for now. The popular Nobody Saves the World, a form changing action RPG, will also depart the service. The cute dog photo snapping Pupperazzi and Frisbee sport Windjammers 2 will also be gone soon. 

I haven’t played as much lately, mostly due to the holidays. I enjoyed my time playing Nobody Saves the World until I got stuck on one of the last dungeons. I also liked playing the puzzles in Gorogoa well enough, finishing a playthrough before it left the service at the end of the year.

Be aware that the dates mentioned in the article are subject to change and more games than those listed my leave the service as well. 

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