Here we again with another top ten demos from the TGA event in December. Yes, I know it’s now almost February, but life got in the way and it took a lot of time to play all 60-70 demos! I am presenting them in alphabetical order, accompanied by a sentence or two to encourage those interested to find out more about them. Some are already available, and some are coming soon. I played them all on Xbox, so a couple may be exclusive to that platform.

Blacktail – You play as a young Baba Yaga separated from her sister in a forest, armed with your trusty bow. The decisions you make in the narrative action adventure game determine if you become the evil Witch or good protector of the forest.

Justice Sucks Recharged – You play as a sentient room a that protects your family’s home from burglars by hacking home appliances and electronics to shed their blood. Then you clean up the blood to power your magical abilities, like invisibility.

Kraken Academy – You play as a new student to the titular school, who becomes a kraken’s underling to try and save the school from imminent destruction.

Little Kite – A point and click adventure game with clever puzzles telling the story of domestic abuse through the eyes of a mother and son.

Lonesome Village – Imagine Animal Crossing, but one day all the furry and feathery inhabitants are kidnapped, imprisoned in a tall dark tower, and you were the only one that could save them. Each floor of the tower contains at least one villager, and requires solving a different puzzle to save them, then you you must help them in town to unlock the next floor.

Mythic Ocean – You wake up as a fish with no memories and are told that the world has ended and you have been chosen to guide the gods into building a new one. The decisions you make while conversing with the gods shapes the new world.

Racco Venture – You play as a Raccoon tracking down the missing pieces from a mystical chess set in this ode to classic 3D platformers like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

Space Boat – You play as a cat detective in a mech suit pursuing a shape-shifting jewel thief across the galaxy via a luxury spaceship cruise. It also pokes fun at modern monetization, especially in video games.

Space Lines from the Far Out – Start up your own space bus business by shuttling alien passengers while avoiding asteroids, fueling up, keeping passengers fed and entertained, and repairing broken systems. It’s crazy chaotic coop fun!

What Lies in the Multiverse – A classic side scrolling platformer that allows you to switch between dimensions at the push of a button. This allows you to solve puzzles and change the position of platforms, allowing you to progress.

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