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172 – Sponsored by the Yogurt People

So 2023 is determined to keep raising the bar. More Planet of Lana chat, Unreality [Read More]

171 – Tears of the Fungeon

Ok, fine, we’ll review Tears Of The Kingdom! But that’s just the start, with more [Read More]

170 – Sony Walkperson

As the biggest release of the year hits, we’re playing… not that! No TotK here, [Read More]

169 – Definitely not a First Class Scone Debacle

This week: Dad jokes, anti-Monarchy sentiment, baked goods weirdness & tons of interesting games like [Read More]

168 – Bionic Celeste168 –

A slew of new stuff hits Bradley & Stu this week, featuring bitfall Studio’s TerraScape, [Read More]

167 – We’ve Got Call of Duty at Home

Whilst @TrebleStrikes retreats into VR with the likes of Camouflaj’s Iron Man VR and a [Read More]

166 – The Jeff Gerstmann Mindhack

Future focused week, with spanking-new stuff like Assemble’s Moviehouse, Crowbarska’s Gunsuit Guardians & @ Mindhack [Read More]

165 – Cursed by Sea Rats

We may be talking PQube’s Curse of the Sea Rats but we ain’t full of [Read More]

164 – Terra Nil

So @TrebleStrikes chats with Brad about @CanariGames Lunark, then gets called away mid-sentence! Brad steps [Read More]

163 – All this & Transport Fever 2

Agenda: Fountains of Wayne, Nuclear Blaze @deepnightfr, Outlanders @PomeloGames, Drainus, Transport Fever 2, ghost ship [Read More]