198 – Planet Cleanser

I’d like a mixed bag please, shopkeep! Well here you go, son: P5 Tactica (@Atlus_Westis [Read More]

197 – Samurai Sword Virgin Fire

Big releases & small rub shoulders, but they’re all high quality as ‘23 continues to [Read More]

196 – The ”Oh, Look” Genre

There’s some heavy redaction this week as Bradr seems determined to break embargo about *BEEEP*. [Read More]

195 – Gateacre

We’re facing the Christmas Cascade™ with quality drops falling like snow. Alan Wake II @remedygames [Read More]

194 – Spooky Stu Skellington

We got spooks & ghouls & freaks & fools… at MHG’s haunted HQ! Mario Wonder [Read More]

193 – Endless Maracas

We’re entering silly season where everything’s released at once. Cascading onto our screens are the [Read More]

192 – Station to Station

A challenging week for everyone, summed up by Brad & Stu, but with lighter discussion [Read More]

190 – Give Us This Day Our Daily Brad

Super-powers, their use & misuse is the thread running through this ep, with interesting games [Read More]

189 – Sophie’s Choice – The Action Platformer

Lessons taught & received in crafting a thrilling experience…but which gives & which receives out [Read More]

188 – Diss-Unity

The Unity engine debacle looms like a dark cloud over MHG Towers as we talk [Read More]