Double Pug Switch is a side scrolling platformer where you play as a dimension hopping Pug in a quest to catch the cat responsible for the dimensional rift. Unfortunately, it’s the first game I’ve been asked to review that I can’t really play, so this will be a short one.

The controls are deceptively simple. You have one button for jump, tap for a small jump and hold fr a bigger jump, and another button for dimension switch. That’s it! Your character constantly moves to the right, and you use those buttons to avoid obstacles to make it to the next dimension portal.

The story in Double Pug Switch is funny and easy to follow, told through a starting cutscene and text dialogue from your owner. The test boxes are fairly large and high contrast making for easy reading. The characters have fairly unique personalities, even though most are animals.

Unfortunately, the art style of the levels themselves is bland with a dark colour palette without much contrast. I found it difficult to even see upcoming obstacles, much less actually time a jump or dimension switch correctly.

I only played for about an hour and completed the tutorial and one more level. The tutorial is pretty much a gimme with its short length, generous checkpoints, and paused movement to explain the controls or an obstacle. The next level I beat by sheer determination and memory. Neither of which were particularly fun.

Double Pug Switch releases on several platforms on October 22nd. I received an Xbox code for free with the expectation that I would write a review of some kind. I am mostly blind, so some things I have trouble with may not affect your experience with the game.

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