My boyfriend and I were both excited when I got Drink More Glurp for review. Developed by Catastrophic Overload and published by the Yogscast, a collective of some of our favourite content creators, we’d heard of the game and even played a little demo of it previously. Getting a full review copy was a chaotic little treat, and addictively fun.

Drink More Glurp is a party game that reminds me in some ways of the recent phenomenon of Fall Guys. It’s silly, it’s great fun, it’s colourful, it’s complete madness and it’ll quickly have you in stitches. It’s a strange sports, physics type game with a number of different potential challenges, from simple sprints, to pinball, to egg and spoon races, in which you’ll compete as a cute, derpy little two-limbed alien creature. The range of games is wonderful and wacky, with a good variety that’ll keep you entertained for a while.

There are individual challenges, difficulty levels, the possibility to play with up to 20 people, and even online leaderboards to work your way up. You’ll still only need one controller even if you’re competing with multiple people, as you take it in turns to complete activities and can pass one controller around. Perhaps a split-screen multiplayer option would be a good addition to this game too – another thing to add to the mixture of chaotic fun that would surely only improve it in a party setting. I can imagine, when playing multiplayer, that having the option to sabotage other people’s gameplay would be welcome addition to the frenzy that is Drink More Glurp.  

Let’s talk controls. This game is hard, intentionally so. But that’s what makes it so fun. It’s utter chaos. To control each arm/leg/whatever you decide it is, you’ll rotate each of the joysticks in a way that is quite tricky to do well, with added actions such as grab that might be useful depending on the individual minigame. Let me reiterate: this game is hard, but what’s so wholesome about it is that it’s so much more fun if you’re all completely terrible at it. It’s such a great laugh.

Style-wise, this is a super appealing party game. Bright colours, a humorous and cute cartoon art style with hilarious faux-advertisements before each activity, a great soundtrack and some fantastic customisability options all make this game a real hit. There’s a great range of little hats to give your competitor, all with their own individual charm, from a slice of bread to a Santa hat. Customising your valiant champion is at least half of the fun.

At its price, Drink More Glurp is an absolute bargain that’ll give you, your family and friends some incredible laughs. I’d love to see more added to the game in terms of extra customisability or games as time goes on. It’s definitely got the potential for that. For now, it’s available for £7.99 for PC and Nintendo Switch. If you’re after a laugh in these trying times, Drink More Glurp will surely give you a giggle.

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