Dry Drowning is a dark and gritty novel style game filled with twists, turns and beautiful art.

In this game you play as Mordred Foley a private investigator, who lives in the city of Nova Polemos with his partner Hera. You will need to gather evidence and unmask the truth.

This style of game reminds me of ones I would play in the early 2000’s with hidden objects you have to click to find, which gave me so much nostalgia! You can click different areas of rooms to locate objects and find out more information about them. However, the heavy story over action and puzzles can sometimes be a little tedious if you are not in the right head space to soak up information, it can also be quite morbid at times. I personally found it a struggle to remember certain plot points and felt tempted to skip dialogue scenes. There is also a handy system called AquaOS, which will let you look over your previously discovered documents and evidence to refresh your memory.

As a detective working on gathering information on crime scenes, you will be faced with choices that will effect your relationships with certain characters. I love decision making in a game as it really draws you in and makes you think about your decisions, I also find it such an impressive gameplay feature.

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The artwork for this game is stunning and the characters are unique and dark. Overall, I wouldn’t rush to play it again but it was an enjoyable game to sit and relax with (surprisingly considering it’s theme!), especially playing on a handheld Switch.

If you enjoyed this, a similar game I would recommend would be Night Call.

Dry Drowning is available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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