Two nostalgia filled game this month, but both very much at home in the modern world. Check out Brad and Stu’s picks for March below.

Berserk Boy

Stu’s Choice
DEVELOPER: BerserkBoy Games
PUBLISHER: BerserkBoy Games
Formats: PC, Plastation, Xbox
Price: £15.99
Steam Deck: Playable

Credit: IGN

I guess you can stop classing a game as a rip-off when the progenitor has been in its figurative grave for decades. So let’s say instead that Berserk Boy is an homage to the Mega Mans (Mega Men?) of yore.

With some nifty sprite animation, a great colour palette and some impressive FX, BB punches above his weight and makes for a fine stand-in, while the action features some neat twists on the original template. One to look out for if you’re into the Capcom old school.

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Brad’s Choice
DEVELOPER: Hyper Games
Formats: PC, Switch, Xbox, Playstation
Price: £17.99
Steam Deck: Verified

Credit: Nintendo

If you want to read something more in depth, then I covered the game previously here: Indie Round Up Week 10.

In short though. I am still utterly infatuated by this game, because everything from the storybook visuals, to the calm relaxing gameplay is just joyous and something I love having in my life. The music from Sigur Ros is just an added bonus, but what a glorious bonus it is.

I did wonder if it was a just a nostalgia hit that had swepth over me, but my daughter is also loving the game and in turn finding herself becoming engaged with The Moomins. Just a wonderful time all round.

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