It’s been a bit of a tough week on a personal level this week, so apologies in advance if this is a bit all over the shop and lacking. But I did still manage to play some games and well, they did leave a bit of an impression.


DEVELOPER: Jasper OprelIndiana-Jonas
PUBLISHER: Indiana-JonasJasper Oprelpopagenda
Formats: PC
Price: TBD
Steam Deck: Verified

Credit: Wholesome Games

I didn’t relaise how much I liked games about climbing. I mean, I never want to do it in real life, it’s way too much effort needed for me… plus I am blind. But in games I’m all over it. From tactical based as in Insurmountable, to the realistic New Heights and also the infuriating A Difficult Game About Climbing. All offer something different.

Surmount manages to add in something of it’s own flavour to the growing genre of climbing games, by taking a much more colourful and friendly looking approach, but still offering up quite a challenge.

Unlike the other games there is a clear defined story here, with various character you will meet, who will all have different tasks, rewards, shops, etc that will encounter. The story is cute and interesting enough. Whilst not an award winning bit of writing it certainly entertaining enough. It is all in the gameplay where this game shines.

You use two hands for gripping onto the various surfaces you’ll come across and then using the analogue stick to swing and create momentum. At first you’ll find yourself being a little tentative and maybe adverse to taking risks, but the further you get, the more the mechanics of climbing just click.

Pretty soon you’ll be flinging yourself across gaps, leaping to reach difficult grips and feeling like a boss. What I really like is that there doesn’t seem to be a set way up the mountains and experimenting is encouraged, with levels being procedurally generated.

There is a co-op mode, but I’ve not had a chance to try it yet, but for a game that has prided itself in being fun in co-op, it is still an absolute joy in single player. Also… and this is something I love to see in games, is a daily climb, with a new challenge released daily for you to tackle. This is the sort of thing that will keep Surmount in my rotation along with the likes of Isaac, Spelunky, Slay the Spire, etc.

Another Crab’s Treasure

Formats: PC, Switch, Xbox, Playstation
Price: £26.99
Steam Deck: Verified

Credit: Aggro Crab

Soooo, I first saw Another Crab’s Treasure a few weeks back and hoinestly I thought it was going to be an ‘is this a meme?’ type game, in the fashion of Goat Simulator, where I just don’t get the joke. But I heard some pretty positive things from people I trust, so why not give it a go.

You know what… Another Crab’s Treasure is a really good game and one of the most solid Soulsborne I’ve played outside of Dark Souls/Bloodborne, because unlike many other games in the genre it doesn’t try and be another one of those originals and instead travels its own path.

It is bright, colourful and loaded with humour and if anything is the antithesis of what it means to be a Soulborne game, but retaining all the parts that make the genre so popular.

You play a s Kril, a hermit crab who owes money for taxes… well, not money money, but what is considered currency in the world of the the game. You will go on a journey to get your shell back and come across many wonderful characters who will help or hinder you.

You have your various attacks, defences, etc that are all common in other soulsborne games. So easy to pick up and play. Even if you are new to the genre then there is a decently paced tutorial as you progress the opening minutes of the game.

What I love though about my opening hours with Another Crab’s Treasure, is despite the cutesy look, the game still maintains the brutal difficulty that you expect and is all the better for it. But here is where I give this game a ultimate praise.

Another Crab’s Treasure is accessible, as there are a host of accesibiluty features that will adjust the game’s difficulty and allow those who need it the ability to play and tweak to their needs. Whilst the game does say it is intended to be difficult, it fully acknowledges the reasons for those options. More games and especially in this genre need to do this, it is a great thing to have.

The most important thing is that Another Crab’s Treasure is just a fantastic game that you should definitely check out. I am only a short way in, but will definitely be playing this to the very end,

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