What a fantastically busy week it has been in the world of video games. Both on the great side, with the various indies being shown off at Not-E3 across the weekend. To the darker side, with our thoughts going out to those affected by the layoffs happening at Sumo Digital. I hope you land on your feet. But to this week’s Indies, a couple of cracking titles for your consideration.

Cat Quest III

DEVELOPER: The Gentlebros | PUBLISHER: Kepler Interactive
Formats: PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch | Price: TBD
Steam Deck: Unknown (Run puuuurfectly)

Whilst you can grab the demo now on Steam. I’ve been lucky enough to play the full version and as someone who loved the first two Cat Quest games, I can happily report that the third edition hits the same highs!

This time you are taken to the high seas of the Purribean, which is a great pun by the way. As you embark on a swashbuckling adventure. Whilst the setting may be different the game retains a very familiar feel to it. The 2.5D overworld is gloriously presented and the combat and exploration in an absolute joy.

The writing is spot on, with the humour coming through in a really charming way, avoiding ever getting old, boring or obnoxious. I just loved spending time in the world and exploring every nook and cranny. The addition of piloting a ship adds something fresh and even the combat options from that are well done.

If this completes a trilogy and we are now done, this is a great way to go out, but the series is so much fun, I wouldn’t be adverse to what comes next… Maybe Cat Quest in Space!!!


DEVELOPER: Ewoud van der WerfNils Slijkerman | PUBLISHER: Extra NicePLAYISM
Formats: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch | Price: TBD
Steam Deck: Unknown (Perfect)

Another game that has a demo in the Steam Next Fest, that I was lucky enough to get the full version from. But don’t worry my thoughts are based on the demo mainly.

SCHiM is a game about exploration and is just the most relaxing experience possible. You play as a SCHiM, which is described as the soul and spirit of an object. Essentially a cute little imp type thing, who gets separated from its human and must traverse the world by jumping from shadow to shadow.

What really hits home immediately is that whilst you are your own entity, navigating the world through the shadows, there is a really warm and interesting story happening around you, that at first you may not notice, but when you do, it hits in all the right areas.

The movement and traversal is very forgiving, with no real ‘failure’ as such and the game rewards you more for being adventurous, with lots of little secrets to find across each new area. These are totally optional and won’t get in the way of your experience, but they are nice to have.

That and the game allows you to go back through each part as you wish to go hunting, which is lovely. Whilst the world is very minimalistic in presentation, there is more life here than in some big blockbuster games, because it feels very personal and wonderfully heartwarming.

The devs of SCHiM have made a gorgeous arthouse style game that should completely resonate with anyone should they take a chance and I implore you to take a chance.

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