You know the age old problem right? You’re working a night shift at the local radio station and all of a sudden there is a killer on the loose. The local police are… well, let’s say incapacitated. All that’s left is you to take the emergency 911 calls. Happens all the time. Well that’s the premise behind the excellent Killer Frequency.

Now this this is only a short write up, for two reasons.

  1. It’s my first foray back into writing for at least nine months, due to health issues and it might take a while.
  2. The less you know going in… the better.

Killer Frequency is one of those games that is hard to explain to people as to why they should be getting it as soon as possible, It is part visual novel, part puzzler, part simulation, part horror, part comedy, part walking simulator and much much more.

Everything in this game though is reliant on a solid story and standout performances from the voice actors. That is precisely where it all sticks together like it is bonded with the ultimate super glue. The tension ebbs and flows in ways that even most modern horror films can’t get right and it hits all the right beats at just the right time.

The needing to act as a 911 call handler, whilst running a radio station, playing songs, taking calls, all that things expected as a local disc jockey just blends wonderfully well. It is a setting and mechanic that shouldn’t work but somehow does.

To put it in context. Killer Frequency is more Pontypool than it is Airheads. Beat for beat there is a care and consideration to proceedings that keep you hooked and leave you wanting more. I’ve been wanting to shout about this game since I got an early code and honestly cannot wait wait to see how others find it when Killer Frequency hits the airwaves on 1st June 2023.

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