I think it’s safe to say that the title of this game is a little hard to transfer into real life conversations. I mean, how do you say it? Zero Dash Dash Dash Zero? If I want to recommend this game to someone out in the real world as opposed to Internet it’s going to be a challenge. This was my main takeaway from O—O because really there’s not much else to it.

There is some semblance of a story here, but it’s just a backdrop for the fast paced arcade gameplay. Basically, much like the name of the game, you play as two circles with a long stick connecting them both. One end of the circle is always spinning, so the idea is to press A when the other end is safe, causing the other circle to then proceed to spin around the other circle. With me so far? The idea of the game then is to essentially snake your way from one end of the level to the other, avoiding all sorts of hazards. It’s a simple premise that works, for the most part. Your “- – – ” stick that seperates the two circles if the only part that can pass through objects, if either of the two circles touches the solid walls then boom. However, I have one issue with this.

My issue being that, maybe it’s just my vision, but I’m sure I was clear of certain objects before my o—o got blown to bits. There were also some sections that I thought were incredibly cheap. During an early level there are these clock like structures with a “hand” that moves. Rather than a smooth movement to the next 15 minute part of the clock, the hand ended up moving backwards a small segment before moving forward, destroying me in the process. The difficulty also ramps up really early on, making the early game surprisingly hard.

There’s not much else to say really. It’s incredibly cheap, has a nice minimalist art style, and some really good dance/techno music. If you have some gold coins in your wallet then it may be worth a punt.

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