Look, sometimes you really don’t need a long drawn out review for a game. Not when the concept and execution is so bloody simple and that is the case with Pack Master.

You have here a puzzle game where the goal is to pack the objects into the suitcase to complete the level and then move on. That’s it, that is the whole game. Simple and to the point. At just over £4 ($5) you get exactly what you pay for too.

Of course being a puzzle game things start off really easy as a way to ease you into the mechanics, then gradually the difficulty ramps up. More objects into various different shaped suitcases that require you to actually think carefully about placement.

For something so simple you also get a game that is rather addictive. I lost an entire evening to Pack Master for this review. There is something so satisfying about laying things out and passing a level. It reminds me of mobile games I used to love such as Cut the Rope and Where’s My Water.

The concept is so basic a small child can play it, but soon it becomes a little more devilish and I welcome that in spades. In fact I could probaby pack a few spades in a suitcase for real now.

Pick this up. You’ll have a fantastic time. Actually just to end this a bit more. I found Pack Master to be a hell of a stress reliever too. It really is satisfying and I know I may have stated that already, but it really is.

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