Recorded separately but still packed full of insight (…err…) Brad & Stu talk Taito’s Ninja Savior, Bubblehead Studio’s intriguing Phaseshift, the charming FixFox, Team17 upcoming Batora Lost Haven, River City Girls Zero + more. As philosopher Oakley said, “We’ll always be together, however far it seems…” [cries in GenXer].


00:03:22 – Phaseshiift
00:06:10 – FixFox
00:09:38 – River City Girls Zero
00:14:45 – Batora Lost Haven
00:19:28 – Ninja Savior – Return of the Warriors
00:25:34 – Horizon Forbidden West
00:27:50 – Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

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