Yo-Ho-Ho! Ah, that’s pirates isn’t it? Whatever. Enjoy the festive delights of Brad and Stu capping off 2021 with their GOTY top tens. Who will be crowned lord and saviour of all? Tune in to find out, and swig that grog, me hearties! Damn it, I’ve switched into pirate mode again, haven’t I?!

Ah well, Merry Christmas ye swabs!

00:00:16 – Intro
00:05:41 – Honorable Mentions
00:08:44 – Top Ten no. 10 to 6
00:45:10 – Top Ten no. 5 to 2
01:38:34 – Brad & Stu’s no. 1s
01:58:35 – Outro – Merry Christmas!

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