I loved the TOCA series from the early days on the Playstation through the Race Driver series and finally GRID. GRID 2 was a let down, but the original release of GRID Autosport was a fine return to form.

It is a game that delivers a wonderful blend of simulation and arcade action. It allows for players to get what they want from it with a wealth of options to adjust the challenge.

The Switch port did come a little out of the blue when initially announced. However, with the Switch lacking in decent sim-cade racers, it was still very welcome.

There were of course worries, what with the Switch not having analogue triggers for acceleration and braking. Yet because of the ‘play it your way’ focus of the game, you can get around it.

GRID Autosport allows you to use all features of the Switch to get a control method that suits almost anyone. Right down to allowing an option to use the analogue triggers only found on a Gamecube controller.

Even the digital inputs work well, if you make some amendments to other options, such as ABS settings, stability, traction control, etc.

It isn’t the ideal way to play, you’d get a better experience on a PC or last gen console (or via Backward Compatability on Xbox One). Yet in what seems to be the norm for many recent ports. You accept the shortcomings to play this game on a handheld console.

Codemasters and Feral Interactive should be proud of what they have achieved here. They won the race to get the first proper racer on the Switch that actually demands to be played. The port itself is a shining example of how to do such a conversion to the Switch. The bar has now been set and others must follow.

The control options are one thing, but it is the graphical options that impress just as much.

You have the option of using the default textures that keep the size of the install down. Or you can download a texture pack that adds a good amount of polish should you want it.

If you’re going to play in handheld, you need not worry. On a 4K screen however, you see a difference and the attention to detail here is very much appreciated.

There is some slowdown at times. But considering the frantic action you get in almost very race and the variation of race types within the game, that can be forgiven.

All the DLC from the original release is also included. The £35 cost is pretty well justified for what is essentially a 5 year old game. It may not be worth getting if you rinsed the original 2014 release. If you have never played, or you really want to play a solid racer on the go, then this is a must have.

So all in all GRID Autosport is a worthy addition to the Switch library. Making it a best in class for the genre on the system.

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