For those unaware, the developer of Warframe known as Digital Extremes have host their own convention each summer for the past few years. Think of it like QuakeCon, but for a single game. With the pandemic this year, the event went completely online. Here is my low spoiler recap and thoughts on the 2020 event held earlier today. 

I started watching at the community art stream, which was cohosted by a community streamer. I liked that it was cohosted by someone that did not work on the game. It gave a more fan like experience to showing off the community creations. 

After that came the trivia contest. Through the magic of Twitch extensions, everyone watching from home could participate and may even win a prize. I think this was very special since you felt involved by playing along. I also like that all the questions were multiple choice. The scoring system was good too with you gaining or losing more points the faster you answered. That meant that you could not answer for 0 points, neither helping or hindering your score. In the end, I was in the top 10% even though I only answered about a third of the questions. 

After that was the big TennoLive show, complete with in game relay to attend. The I game event was very cool, with a few guest characters showing up to start things off before sending you to somewhat of museum rooms as things were revealed on the stream and finishing up with free goodies for being a part of it. Again I felt very engaged seeing new allies, enemies, and locations up close in real time with the presentation. 

The show itself went over all the details of the next big update including a new Warframe to pilot, a new player on boarding experience, new weapons, a new story mission, a new planet, a new ally faction, a new enemy faction, new enemies of an existing faction, a new way to customize your warframes, and even new vehicles to pilot! And the best part was that all of what was shown would be in the next big update on August 25th, simultaneously on all platforms! 

Even though this year’s TennoCon was very different without the physical aspect, it may have been the best yet! I always say that the Warframe devs are the most transparent and this year really proves. They showed us everything coming in the update, with nothing held back and no secrets. As the game is free to play, everything they showed would not cost a penny upon release. I felt so good about what they showed that I wanted to support them more. So I bought one of the new shirts from their merch store! 

If you are a current player, you have many things to look forward to in a few weeks! If you are a new player, the next update may just be the perfect time to give it a try… 

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