From tinyDino Games and the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild comes an exciting, fast-paced little game that you won’t want to pass on: The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines.

It’s a twin-stick fantasy shooter where you play as a wizard named Gregor. You’ll wield a range of weapons and navigate levels using the ability to stop time to manipulate the flow of combat and solve puzzles along the way. As Gregor, you’re responsible for unearthing the mystery of the destruction of the city of Tamaris. You’ll navigate a range of environments along the way and fight all sorts of enemies and bosses, each with unique powers and combat mechanics. To reach the next level, all you need to do is eliminate all the enemies in a stage. The levels get gradually more complex and difficult as you progress. There are collectibles in the form of books providing the history of the realm, but these are optional.

One of the definite highlights of this game is the combat. Relatively simple to get a grip of, but super fast-paced and requiring planning, quick reactions and skill, I didn’t get bored of it once. And with a range of enemies to overcome, you’ll need to adapt your skills constantly. The combat never gets old in this game, and keeps you constantly on your toes. However, like other twin-stick shooters, I can imagine it’d be far harder on a controller. I’d recommend you tackle this one with keyboard and mouse, but that’s just my preference. I never got bored of retrying levels and testing different tactics. I think the fast-paced style of combat and quick restart contributed to this.

What’s particularly interesting about The Ambassador is how, the further you get in, the game will present you with more and more circumstances where’ll you have to use your time stop ability in a specific way. This is one thing that really keeps the game fresh as it progresses, and I thought it was a cool mechanic.

In terms of art direction, The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines does outstandingly. The pixel art graphics are atmospheric and each environment is beautifully crafted and enjoyable to traverse. The graphical style is charming, colourful and effective. The game showcases all that I love about a good pixel art style. The colour palettes used on each level are super pleasing to look at, and each level feels complete and whole.

The soundtrack, composed by the very talented Tony Manfredonia, is another triumph. Equally atmospheric, with some gorgeous and haunting string segments and a wonderful medieval feel to it that fits the game perfectly, it is a true highlight of the game. It’s one of those soundtracks I could happily listen to for hours on end. You can check it out here, and you can purchase it on Manfredonia’s website.

This game is nothing ground-breaking by any stretch of the imagination, but it is good fun and a solid addition to the twin-stick shooter market. The combat is exciting, the mechanics are unique and interesting, and this is all tied together with an art style that makes it an altogether beautiful game to play.

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines is out now for PC, Switch and Xbox.

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