This is an interesting game, pitting you against nature itself, survival in its purest form, the story begins when you find yourself alone in the height of winter in the Canadian wilderness, wind howling and blowing snow drifts across your view, you will have to manage your body warmth, food, water and energy levels just to survive to the next day.

The weather isn’t the only thing that you will need to contend with, as the wildlife is just as dangerous as the plummeting temperature, the sound of hungry wolves howling for their next meal will echo the valleys, if you aren’t careful enough or if you give off a strong enough scent that they smell you, then you will be in for the fight for your life.
Fortunately, not all wildlife is out for blood as you can find rabbits and deer to hunt if you need the extra calories to stay on your feet.

They have added a story mode to the game in which you follow different characters as they fight to survive in a cold and unforgiving climate, the first episode follows Will Mackenzie as he tries to survive after a plane crash, after being separated from his friend he will try and survive the harsh environment and find any tracks to find them again, all while trying to understand what is going on in the strange world he finds himself in.

This is a very well-rounded game balancing the survival aspect and managing your resources to stay alive, the character development is interesting as you interact with new people on your journey finding out each of their stories, and how they found themselves in such dire circumstances.

I really enjoyed playing this as it gives you the experience of facing off against mother nature and the very real danger and the solitude of survival in one of the most inhospitable environments, if you aren’t prepared to weather the storm then you may not live to see another sunrise.

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