Why did I start Mental Health Gaming?

First a little about me. I have suffered from depression for many years, probably from my early school days, when I was bullied badly to the point of attempting suicide.

I have written about this previously for Gamestyle, a site which gave me an outlet for quite some time. However, I decided that the time was right to step back from the whole thing, as running a reviews site almost entirely on my own was becoming just too much and what was once a way to cope with my issues, ended up being something that was dragging me down, thanks to the responsibilities to keep it running.

In the years since I have been out of the game, I have missed the writing and discussion much more than I thought I would have. So I was looking for a way back in.

I fear I don’t have the personality to run a dedicated streaming or Youtube channel, nor do I think written reviews really have a place anymore. Well not in the traditional sense anyway. So I couldn’t think of a way to do this.

Then I was prompted by certain things in my life to find an outlet for myself and worked out that videogames had a massive impact on me and my own mental health.

This was both a positive and a negative thing and a thing that was worth investigating further, purely for my own curiosity. I found that it was actually an interesting subject and one that should be explored further. This Mental Health Gaming has been formed.

What do I expect from this?

I haven’t a clue really. I don’t expect anyone to read, listen or watch any of the content I produce. Some of it (most of it) will end up seeming like I am just rambling on with random thoughts, but it will help me in some way and that is the main thing. IF it helps another, then it will have achieved much, much more than I could ever have expected.

So if you do want to join me on this adventure, I welcome you aboard. If you want to discuss anything, please feel free to reach out (I am sure there will be some contact and social links on the site somewhere).

Stay Strong!

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