bradigor battles with the @lastkidsonearth, and discovers ZERO Sievert (@ModernWolfLtd). @TrebleStrikes gets assaulted by Ninjas in, um, Ninja Assault and tries escaping Wesker’s machinations in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

00:00:12 – Intro
00:05:03 – Games Awards discussion
00:10:41 – MHG Chat: Ragnarök & Persona 5 Royal
00:25:40 – ZERO Sievert @ModernWolfLtd
00:39:13 – Ninja Assault & Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
00:46:30 – The Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck! @lastkidsonearth
00:55:15 – MHG Chat: WSL and smelly boots
01:01:38 – Outro

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