145 – Geordie Racer

Screenshot from the game Somerville. Two figures of a man and women are running towards the car in a grage, lotg up by headlights.

Please tell me you wanted to hear about UK children’s TV dramas set in the North East of England in the 80s. Whaddya mean, ‘niche’?! Also featuring Persona 5 Royal, @MonkeyMoonGames’s Flat Eye + @jumpshipstudio’s Somerville.

00:00:08 – Intro
00:02:58 – MHG Chat: Byker Grove/Geordie Racer
00:05:27 – Persona 5 Royal @Atlus_West
00:19:42 – Flat Eye @MonkeyMoonGames
00:29:39 – Dead Space 2
00:35:40 – Somerville @jumpshipstudio
00:46:26 – Bethesda/id controversy/late-stage Capitalism
00:50:55 – Outro

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