Work sucks. Oh yes indeedy-do. So let us forget the horrors of servitude to the corporate gods by talking video games. Stu waxes picopico256’s car for making his GOTY so far, Shinobi Non Grata, whilst Brad discusses (not-) E3 & summer games reveals.

00:00:10 – Intro
00:03:36 – @picopico256’s Shinobi Non Grata
00:10:40 – MHG Chat: Summer Game Fest
00:13:28 – MHG Chat: Day of the Devs
00:16:56 – MHG Chat: Devolver Digital showcase
00:18:26 – MHG Chat: Wholesome Direct, Access-Ability etc. preview
00:19:27 – MHG Chat: corporate shill bullsh*t
00:26:42 – Outro

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