Join us as we experience the fun side of space exploration in Mars First Logistics, then delve into the bleak, Lovecraftian side of the void in Aliens: Dark Descent, getting strange in Kingdom Eighties, climbing to new heights in erm… New Heights and running scared in Trepang², plus a whole lot more besides. Guncon vid?

00:00:10 – Intro
00:02:12 – Kingdom Eighties @kingdomthegame
00:08:47 – Mars First Logistics @ianmaclarty
00:16:28 – Trepang² @TrepangStudios
00:23:35 – Aliens: Dark Descent @Tindalos_Int
00:31:01 – New Heights: Realistic Climbing and Bouldering @Focus_entmt
00:43:02 – Outro

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