Shadow Warrior 3,the next game in the series, started the show with a high octane game play trailer. Releases this year.

The MaxPass+ show started with a recap of previous years’ events. Then the boardroom scene from the prologue happens. They agree to the idea for monetary as a service. It includes a crypocurrency, loot box coin. Nina explains that the subscription gives you free access to their library of games and related items. Not that the purchases are free, just access to them. The following is a selection of games from their catalog:

Trek to Yomi, a sides rolling hack and slash adventure

Phantom Abyss, asynchronous multi-player runner

Exclusive garments like a purple business suit

Wizard with a Gun, self explanatory western themed coop shooter

Death’s Door, action puzzle platformer

Discounts on the existing Steam library of Devolver Digital games

Inscyption, a card based RPG and escape room?

Tumble Time, a free physics puzzle mobile game

Demon Throttle, 8bit bullet hell available today only physically on Switch

A single NFT of the presentation on VHS

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