The official title is revealed for the coop shooter, Rainbow Six Extraction, with a cinematic trailer. It shows characters, enemies, and even the drone from Siege. It reminds me of Left 4 Dead meets R6. Releases September 16th. They further explain the game including 1-3 player coop, operators return from Siege, and Rogue like elements with characters becoming MIA and unplayable until retrieved. They also explain the abilities of the enemies seen in the trailer. Also, they announced cross play, and unlockables in both games for Siege players. Then they have a narrated gameplay segment, showing more of the stealth elements. The react light is shown, which allows you to see enemies illuminated. Airlock provide a brief respite when moving to more difficult zones in the level. The gameplay loop includes collecting samples and Intel to use to upgrade your equipment between missions. After completing your objective, you can extract from the airlock or continue deeper to collect more data.

Rocksmith+ is revealed as the next entry in the guitar playing series with a trailer showing all the new features like personalized recommendations and video tutorials. It is a subscription service launching this year. With the phone app, acoustic players and others can play without additional equipment. The song catalog will have different genres from around the world. You can register for the beta at rocks

Riders Republic, the MMO outdoor sports game, shows a new trailer with the hub, Rider’s Ridge. It also shows the Trick Attack game mode and city playground area. It explains how to get stars, from everything you do, including exploration, to advance through the game. Mass races are also shown with many players competing simultaneously. Releases September 2nd.

Back to Rainbow for Siege, specifically year 4 quality of life improvements. On June 30th,cross play and cross progression comes to all the pc platforms. Early next year, this feature comes to consoles. The new operator Thunderbird of team Nomad gets an animated trailer as well.

Then a montage of current game updates is shown. More details of these were shown during the pre-show. A tease of the 20th anniversary of Ghost Recon is shown too.

A song is announced for Just Dance 2022.

Assassins Creed Valhalla announced the addition of one handed swords as one of many free updates to come. The next paid expansion revolves around the seige of Paris. A new discovery tour is also announced as a free mode for all owners. They also confirmed that support for the game will continue into next year.

They showed off a few clips of Mythic Quest and Werewolves Within.

Far Cry 6 has a new trailer featuring El Presidente and Diego, the villains of the game, maybe? Post launch plans are also shown, including playing as previous entries’ villains and that the season pass includes FC3 Blood Dragon, my favorite in the series!

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope shows a trailer that appears to be a scifi space tactical shooter? Mario is dual wielding pistols! The sparks are a new creature made by melding Rabbids and Mario stars. As expected, it is a Switch exclusive. Some game play is even shown. Releases next year.

Lastly, they announced Avatar Frontiers of Pandara with a teaser trailer. It is scheduled to release next year.

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