As usual, here is a sentence or two about each game announced. Some are updates to existing games while others are releasing in the next several months. I leave it up to you to research those that tickle your fancy.

Aragami 2 revealed as the sequel to the stealth series.

Fire girl is shown as a firefighting platforming Rpg.

Batora Lost Haven revealed as a hack and slash adventure.

Grime didn’t show much more than its dark setting.

BPM is a Rogue like rhythm fps, where you attack, jump, and reload to the beat of the metal soundtrack.

Akitori revealed as a side scroller with an Asian flair.

Archvale shown as a coop bullet hell shooter.

No Longer Home is a narrative adventure taking place after graduating university.

Hunt the Night shows its 8 bit Gothic RPG.

Black Book revealed as an RPG with card based combat.

Demons Mirror is a match 3 RPG with card elements.

Never winter adds a bard class, utilizing a musical instrument.

Loot River  shown as a Rogue like dungeon crawler with tetris platforming mechanics.

Ghost runner, a first person runner, announced a physical edition on Switch.

Light of the Darkness is a side scrolling RPG.

Slime Heroes revealed as a coop action RPG where you play as slimes.

Demons Turf shows its platformer RPG.

Wolfstride is a side scrolling beat em up.

Severed Steel I would describe as a strategy FPS where you try to clear each room more efficiently and stylishly.

Sable is shown as an exploration platforming RPG.

Bats revealed as an 8bit supernatural metroidvania.

Death Trash is an 8 bit horror action RPG.

Serial Cleaners is shown as the sequel to the original stealth action, set in 90s NYC.

White Shadows is a cinematic platformer described as Tim Burton and Inside had a baby in 1984.

Raji enhanced edition adds authentic voice over, new game modes, and tweaked combat.

Despot’s Game is said to be a rogue like auto battler with pvp.

Potion craft is revealed as a self explanatory game where you craft potions.

Rawmen is shown as a food fighting arena game. Yes, it’s what it sounds like.

Happy’s Humble Burger Barn is a  fast food Sim not  hiding anything scary like a murderous cow that attacks if customers are unhappy.

Hello Neighbor 2 revealed as the sequel to the stealth series with evolving community based AI.

Trash Sailors  is a coop ship building and sailing adventure where you use trash as ammo and materials.

Among Us goes to 15 players, adding six new colors, not including the devs favorite, barf.

Blooming Business Casino is shown as another self explanatory casino Sim.

Robodunk is somehow a coop Rogue like basketball RPG game.

King of the Hat is revealed as an arena brawler, like Smash Brothers.

Venice 2089 shows its narrative adventure set in future Venice affected by climate change.

Behind the Frame is an  emotional narrative point and click art adventure.

Kitsune Tails is revealed as an 8bit side scrolling adventure.

Arcade Paradise has a funny trailer showing the motto of the arcade Sim… play to get a hi score, profit when others attempt to beat it, and  purchase more games with the money.

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