You should be used to it by now, but here is a short description of each game shown during Wholesome Direct. I leave it to you to research your favs coming this year. Sorry that they are so short, but they showed over 70 games in less than an hour, I did my best.

Bird Problems revealed as a sitcom narrative starring birds.

Recolit shows you how to use light to explore a town.

Snacko is a  farming catventure. That’s not a typo.

Alekon is revealed as a photography and mini game adventure.

A Little to the Left is what I call an OCD puzzle game.

Ooblets shows off its new update port forward, including the arcade.

Spirit Swap is revealed as an action match 3 puzzle game.

Behind the Frame which seems to be in each show, is an emotional narrative point and click painting puzzle game.

Skatebird is shown as a simplified skateboard game.

Here Comes Nico is revealed as a puzzle platformer for tired people.

Pekoe is a cat filled tea house sim.

[No trailer I could find – Steve]

Lake is shown as a narrative adventure.

Yokai Inn is a community sim.

Mythic Ocean is shown as an underwater exploration game.

Kokopa’s Atlas is revealed as a planetary exploration game.

Button City is a rhythm adventure game.

Letters shows its narrative pen pal adventure.

Hot Pot for One reveals its short cooking game about being lonely.

Garden Story is a community Sim RPG played as a grape.

Tracks of Thought shows its card based combat.

Beasts of Maravilla Island is revealed as a photography puzzle adventure.

Hoa is a narrative platformer.

We Are OFK is somehow a musical RPG.

Paralives is revealed as a housebuilding sim.

KeyWe is shown as a coop mail puzzle platformer played as kiwi birds.

Walk with Yiayia is a narrative adventure about walking your grandma after her fall.

[No trailer again. What are these people doing?! – Steve]

Dordogne is revealed as a narrative photography adventure.

The Gecko Gods shows the puzzle platformer you play as a lizard.

Behind The Twilight: Tasomachi is a platformer adventure.

Please be Happy is revealed as a visual novel.

Battle cakes is a turn based RPG played as a cupcake, somehow.

[I’ve seen the demo for this on Xbox but, alas, no trailer – Steve]

Bear & Breakfast is shown as a community sim.

Passapartout 2 is revealed as a sequel to the art adventure I’ve never heard of.

Sally is an adventure game on an airship.

Rainbow Billy shows its puzzle platformer about returning color to the world.

Unpacking is a self explanatory puzzle game.

Soup Pot is revealed as a cooking game you can’t fail.

Cloud Jumper is shown as an exploration RPG in the sky.

Teacup is a narrative adventure.

[Sigh – Steve]

Moonglow Bay is revealed as a fishing RPG set in 80s Canada where people are afraid to fish. Yes, that is really what it is about.

Pupperazzi shows off its photography adventure.

Lunas Fishing Garden is part fishing game and part garden management.

Witchery Academy is revealed as a magical life sim.

Amber Isle is shown as a community Sim on island with prehistoric dinosaur people.

Woodo is a puzzle game.

Wytchwood is revealed as some kind of RPG.

Moonshell Island is shown as what I think is a community sim.

Heartsong seems to be a frog RPG.

A lot more were shown quickly, rapid fire style. You can find the full list at

Loddlenaut, currently on Kickstarter is an underwater cleaning adventure.

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