So Destiny 2 has just released the newest expansion Beyond Light, which has brought new weapons, a new subclass, a new strike and other activities to the game. There are new lore books and pages to discover and we finally find out more about the Exo Stranger.

So far Beyond Light’s story campaign has been a blast to go through with friends, it is quite short and can easily be done in one sitting. However, with the new subclass Stasis, it makes it that much more exciting. As a Warlock main who loves all things magic i’m having a great time flying around with an ice staff using the Shadebinder subclass.

Stasis is very strong in crucible and you can freeze enemies easily out of supers. This makes me believe it may be nerfed fairly soon (especially Warlocks unfortunately).

Destiny 2 has brought back some familiar faces such as Osiris and Variks into the game. We have also seen the return of the Cosmodrome on Earth which was seen in Destiny 1. It has been a great throwback to visit old locations and speak to characters from the past. Hawkmoon, an exotic hand cannon from Destiny 1 will also be returning as an exotic quest very soon.

The new sniper ritual weapon Adored has easily become one of my favourites, guardians have the opportunity to pick up this quest as either a Vanguard, Crucible or Gambit quest, so for those who want this sniper but aren’t a fan of PVP this is perfect for you.

Starting Tuesday 17th November, the season really begins to kick off and guardians will have access to new wraithborn hunts and weekly missions, personally I’m very excited about these because it may mean the return of Prince Uldren, the awoken prince.

On the 21st of November the Deep Stone Crypt raid opens, so it has been a week of grinding power levels and making sure gear is the highest it can be!

Overall I am very impressed with the DLC, it has been a lot of fun. It has had some slight bugs since launch but patches have quickly come through, it may just be down to the fact the studio are working from home during these uncertain times. I also hope we have more armour and weapons coming soon.

Weekly reset is on the 17th of November, with the Deep Stone Crypt raid beginning on the 21st of November.

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