I reviewed the base Cardpocalypse on the Switch back in February and commented on how I loved the way it handles inclusion, by not making it a big thing and letting the character just be themselves. You can check that review out HERE. So I jumped at the chance to take a look at the Cardpocalypse – Out of Time DLC.

As a piece of DLC, this is exactly what I want. Something that extends the experience, but feels like addition, not something that was cut to sell piecemeal. I loved the base game and Out of Time is a wonderful extra.

It is set initially on the final day of the main story when Tock, a time-travelling pipsqueak champion sends Jess back in time and she is forced to relive the same day over and over. Using the Groundhog Day trope.

It uses this to great effect though and the story is fun and for a pretty short run, it felt pretty in-depth. New characters are handled well and Jess herself is a joy to be around.

Whilst the core gameplay loop is the same, there are a bunch of new cards, new characters and the addition of a gauntlet mode. It all feels fresh but maintains the identity of the base game wonderfully and going back was like snuggling into a favourite blanket.

Some might bemoan the limited amount of new content and the brevity of the added story. Yet for me, it meant to was more inclined to jump back in.I often struggle with mammoth amounts of added story and admit to feeling overwhelmed by the Witcher 3 DLC and other such games.

Developers Gambrinous decided to go for a short and concise bit of additional content rather than pad it out for the sake of it and I very much welcome that approach. I fully recommend getting the DLC and if you haven’t yet, do also get the base game.

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