I finally got around to buying this game recently as I’ve wanted to play it since it came out, it is the story of Fenyx an ancient Greek shield-bearer who finds herself the last person not turned to stone by the Titan Typhon, not only have all the people been converted to stone but all the gods have been defeated as well.
So it falls to Fenyx to save the ancient Greek world and all of the gods from destruction, armed with mythical weapons and armor they forge forwards to save everyone.

You start by creating your own version of Fenyx, I was surprised as the character art on the box doesn’t have to be who you play as, there are quite a few different face shapes, hairstyles, even eye shapes, and eyebrows, also there is the option to play as masculine or feminine characters so there are quite a few options to choose from when creating your perfect avatar.

The gameplay is quite simple to learn but satisfying to play, you have the basic RPG fighting staples light attack, heavy attack, dodge, and counter, but also every enemy has a stagger meter so that if you hit something hard enough they will go down and you can really bring the pain!
once you have played through the first part of the game you will be given the wings of Daedalus so you can glide whenever you want to, it is so satisfying to find a high place to jump from and just glide across the world

I really enjoyed the collection aspect of Immortals as there are so many vaults of Tartarus that are challenges that reward you with new armor and items if you can complete them, some of them are really tough to get through and will take a lot of patience and skill to complete.
There are so many chests littered all over the world that I found myself a little overwhelmed with the amount, but they always give you an excuse to just explore all the little areas throughout.

I loved the unique characters throughout this, the first god you will meet is Hermes who is the god of trade, wealth, travel, and also thieves and he certainly lives up to the last one as he seems to have kleptomania as he spends so much of the game stealing from people, as you work your way across the world you will find more gods who have had their powers and personality traits taken from them, Aphrodite the god of Love, Beauty and passion has been turned into a tree and wants nothing more than to give all she has to the animals, a complete change from her true self, and Ares famously the god of war and courage, is now a literal chicken who is scared of his own shadow, as you progress you are tasked with rescuing all the of the gods all the while dealing with the funny character quirks and hilarious references to different historical events.

Side-stepping the obvious similarities to another game which I won’t mention, Immortals is a brilliant adventure, with a wide-open world to explore and so many challenges to complete and secrets to find it, was a great game to play, if I had any real issue with the game it would be that some of the puzzles are not quite perfect and will not work as intended, I found myself doing the same puzzle again and again because there was an issue with something not working as it’s supposed to, apart from that I would highly recommend playing it.

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