It’s not very often a game comes out of seemingly nowhere and manages to go above and beyond expectation. Yet that is exactly what happens with MX Nitro: Unleashed.

Everything about the game screams shovelware. It bellows cheap crap. The lack of a fanfare and promotion and seemingly stealth releasing, taking many by surprise. Then there is the fact it initially looks like a knockoff budget version of Trials and has annoying music and voice overs. It really does seem to tick all the wrong boxes.

Yet, within a few minutes of playing, MX Nitro: Unleashed turns on the charm and draws you in. Far from being a Trials clone, with plays more like an Excitebike, but with the stunt mechanics of a MXGP or Ricky Carmichael game.

The only thing it has in common with Trials, is the side view, rather than being behind the bike. It is all action from the start and still manages to ramp up once it gets going.

This is technically a rerelease of the earlier MX Nitro, which without wanting to sound unkind about. I had no idea was even a thing. But there you are.

There is plenty to do within MX Nitro: Unleashed. As you progress you unlock new bikes, tricks, cosmetics, etc. Some of which will help you with upgrades and other to help you look the part.

The is a good variety on offer too. Whilst the meat and bones of the game is the racing, there are also stunt based levels thrown in to the mix. As said, this may look like Trials initially, but it is so far removed from that. Making it all the better for it.

The trick system is really well made. A combination of button presses will perform all number of stunts as you fly through the air, or pop a wheelie. Some are simple single button presses, up to various combos. Doing this isn’t just for points though, or to look cool. You earn boost which is vital for keeping up with opponents, or getting over the odd massive gap.

The mixing of trick riding and out and out racing feels just right. There is a superb balance to each event. I’ve played games where you can coast through, before the difficulty ramps up. Yet here in MX Nitro: Unleashed the is a challenge that feels balanced from the first event to the last. Sure some are easier than others, but never to the point it feels pointless.

There is a good amount of content too, with the game never outstaying its welcome, but also never leaving you feeling shortchanged. That comes from a price point that is less than £9. It is remarkable what you get here for your hard earned.

Yes MX Nitro: Unleashed came out of nowhere, but it certainly deserves your full attention.

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