Despite Stripe & his pals messing with the controls, there’s great discussion on the scriest game of all because it has clowns in Ayo the Clown, Neon Giant Games’ The Ascent, Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Motorways & a mysterious transmission from the past about Night Book and a trip to the exclusion zone in Chernobylite… Stu & Brad also discuss the ActiBlizz state of affairs.

Prep the microwave & watch that Granny doesn’t go for a flight on the Stannah – the gremlins are here.


01:40 – Ayo the Clown
11:48 – Chenobylite
22:26 – Grandia
27:00 – Mini Motorways
37:32 – Nightbook
45:57 – The Ascent
55:08 – MH Chat: ActiBlizz

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