Toys are thrown & dummies spat when the subject of game install sizes are raised & there’s some merriment around the value (or otherwise) of V-Rally 4. The controversial Boyfriend Dungeon is picked over & Hyperstrange somehow avoid getting sued out of existence by Id Software with Jupiter Hell. Brad reveals their inner train dispatcher with Bitrich’s minimalist management game, Rail Route. Whilst Stu gets hid flow on with the wonderfully relaxing Omno.


00:03:06 – art of rally
00:09:08 – V-Rally 4
00:16:25 – Rail Route
00:21:28 – Omno
00:26:03 – Boyfriend Dungeon
00:33:50 – Jupiter Hell
00:42:02 – MH Chat: Publisher ethics
01:01:15 – Game Sizes

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