Finding out that Enhance are porting Tetris Effect Connected to Switch sends Bradigor a tad loopy. Stu manages to wrestle the convo back to the here-and-now with the likes of Steve Jackson Games’ Sorcery! & Taito Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX+. There’s also chat on how to run a rail network in Mini Metro. It’s not the only management chat, as Brad creates an indoor theme park in Indoorlands. In mental health chat, Brad talks about the crushing disappointment of another setback with his vision and how he copes with it.


02:51 – Mini Metro
10:50 – Dariusburst Another Chronicle Ex+
17:32 – Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!
25:47 – Indoorlands
29:52 – Nintendo Indie World discussion
39:01 – MH Chat

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