Rain on your Parade is a fun game about being a cloud, ruining everyone’s day, and taking on Dr. Dryspell. It has 50 levels of mayhem, spanning many different mission types, including optional side missions. Some are objective based, some are score based, and a few are sandbox levels with no objective.

The game play is fairly simple, with different buttons causing different types of weather under your cloud that you move around the level. You have a water meter that determines how much weather you can produce before refilling from a body of water. This bar also acts as a health bar in some levels. Most of the levels, you are generally making a mess and annoying the people in those levels. The difficulty is pretty easy, until the last set of five or so levels, where it really seems to ramp up the difficulty.

The artstyle is somewhat cartoonist, with no physical harm coming to the people, so it is very family friendly. The text boxes are big and contrasting, so it’s easy to read as well. The characters are surprisingly well done considering how few of them there are, with each having their own style and personality. You can customize your cloud with accessories or even drawing a new face to give your character added personality as well. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing the game, at least until the difficulty spike at the end. I most enjoyed the levels that recreate classic games, like an original Doom clone where you fight sun sprites instead of demons. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you have Game Pass since it is currently on the service.

Rain on your Parade is available now on several platforms. I received an Xbox code from the publisher for free with the expectation for an article about the game. I am a mostly blind gamer, so some things I have trouble with may not affect your experience with the game. 

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